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TOPIC: Re:Do the Fidget..
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Do the Fidget.. 6 Years, 4 Months ago
Hello forumfriends, my latest song: Do the Fidget..

its all done on an octatrack.. the crossfader is used to jump around with the slicepoints,
with the help of an lfo enjoy..

oh, and yes, i put more dancing puppets in this one i dont have a camera in the studio at the moment.. and hmm the puppets look better then my bearded face..
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Posts: 817
Look at my stuff, and help me obtain my burger
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Re:Do the Fidget.. 6 Years, 3 Months ago
a forum-member asked me how i made the video and all that.. so let the explanations begin..

First of all.. I needed puppets.. the reason for this is:
A ... nobody i know is brave enough to be an actor in my videos.. and to much of my own face is a bad thing... and B.. puppets are small.. so u can use scaled-down moviesets..

In the case of this video. i used "GI-JOE"-sized puppets.. which are about 7 cm big..
There was no other reason then "they are very articulate (means they move) and they are kinda cheap to come buy.. i rather not spend more then 1 or 2 pound for a new actor/actress..

Shoppingrules for puppets..
- make sure you find articulate puppets.. i tried puppets that for example only could move upperbody.. or just arms up and down.. but hmm its to limiting to make nice movies..
so if it does not have elbows and knees, moveable neck.. legs.. arms.. its probably not nice..
- they must be able to stand up.. believe me i have tried puppets that could not.. i had "bratz" which looked like hot dancing girls.. but i spend hours frustrated cause they was topheavy (big heads) and flimsy feet..

the puppets in do the fidget came from a carbootsale (the pilot) and the others came from some supermarket, they where xmas stocking-cheap toy

the next thing i needed was a "set".. for the set.. i had to make
"a big brown wooden like disco-live-gig desk".. cause hmm thats what i saw in disco's and clubs when i was a kid... so i made one...
more shopping:

Go to local supermarket.. and ask for cardboard boxes.. extra cheap. saves them from throwing it away.. and cut yourself a nice desk.. use lots of glue so you feel like in kindergarten.. (it made me feel so happy) once you got the basic form.. open up your favorite photoshop lookalike (i used gimp).. to print out nice woodpattern paper. and a nice logo and all that.. and hooray.. more glue and kindergarten feelings when you stick m on..

I kinda did the same to make 2 speakers.. though i used 2 cigaret cases as a base (smoking is not healthy kids.. i turned a badthing into a recycle moment.. but please do not start smoking because uncle dreammer says it makes nice speaker-models) and covered them with paper..
(2 find out the exact dimensions of the cigaret case.. i scanned it.. and used that image to find out how big the speakers needed to be that i printed..)

the floor was a piece of cardboard, with the nicest and shiniest wrapping paper i could find..
so to put on your shoppinglist:
Check.. those puppets will fall down if they not stable.. so a nice piece of cardboard makes it easier.. but doesnt look nice.. hence the wrappingpaper.. dont forget.. glue the wrappingpaper
on the cardboard.. as it keeps it nice and flat.. just be carefull you spread glue evenly..
the other nice thing about wrappingpaper is... the shinyside is covered with something that sticks less good.. which is needed for "the bluetack".. (i talk about that later)..

so i had a desk.. speakers.. a floor.. but no instruments.. and you guessed it..
i made 2 small boxes out of cardboard.. printed out nice pictures i took from my gear.. and stuck m on.. together with some cardboard .. and small little shiny beads from misses dreammers sewing kit.. so hooray.. i got "gear"

the background you see.. is a bit of cloth with little mirrors stuck on it... misses dreammer came with it.. worried i would grab the glue again.. and stick myself to the sofa..
Dear.. dear.. i think i have an idea.. she moaned looking for it..

the lights.. where 2pound xmas lights.. battery operated.. I got white.. blue.. red.. just laced them around the set..

so all i had to do.. was "stick" the mirrorcloth to the wall next to the sofa..
put the setpieces in place.. and put the puppets in the set..
for the sticky part i used a guey gumlike substance i buy in the supermarket
its called "bluetack" .. i have no clue if they sell this all over the world.. but its kinda like clay..
(which i used for this some time ago in the beginning)..
The bluetack keeps the cloth on the wall.. and my puppets kinda stuck 2 the floor
if you dont.. the puppets will "shiver" in your movies.. u want the body to move.. not the position

next thing what i did.. was make lots of pictures of this.. from many angles.. while the family was watching tv next to me.. they all laughing
for the really hazey pictures.. i had this magnafying sheet.. old people use to read the newspaper.. i hold that one infront of the camera

i did this with having to make 24pictures per second of footage... to every scene was "allot of pictures". .. i did some clever editing tricks so i could "re-use" some of my footage.. so that made it slightly easier to make.. and less of a monstrous job

So hooray.. i had a camera full of pictures.. which i had to sort per scene..(thats one reason to use multiple puppets.. when puppets change.. its a new scene.. makes it easier to sort then a "small camera change".. i used to hold a paper infront of camera saying new scene.. but hmm worked out less good.. my camera does not store 100% of the pictures. more 99%
so i missed it once or twice..

anyways.. after all the pictures being sorted.. i put them in virtualdub.. to create .avi files..
so now i had food for my video-editor.. in this case i used sony vegas... but hmm u gotta pay for that.. i think there are opensource videoeditors available.. so you dont have to splash out..
virtualdub is free.. so thats just downloadable..

i loaded up the recording from my vs2400 (thats the machine i recorded the octatrack with)
and edited my footage to the beat.. markers and all that help to keep track where and what you want to edit... after i had the basic movie done... i added texts and all that..
and when that was done.. i took a few filters to create that fishbowl look.. and did those over
the complete output of vegas . and thats why it looks like i used a fish-eye-lens on the movie

and hmm after that.. i was kinda done.. cant remember doing more on it..

i hope you enjoyed the read..
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Re:Do the Fidget.. 6 Years, 3 Months ago
its always nice to see people make the effort to construct a music video, Links to sound cloud have become a pet hate of mine.
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