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TOPIC: Re:What do your names mean ?
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Re:What do your names mean ? 5 Years ago
Mine came from a program error after eating an icecream in the sun.

It was in the time, i was programing my bulletinboard somewhere in the beginning of the 90's..
Most was finished, but it did not have a name yet... while on a small break, i was eating a pear flavoured festini.. sun in my face, small clouds in the air.. the sugarbuzz.. hmmm.. festini..
i caught myself dreaming of another one.. the dreams of festini.. Hooray a name..
in my joy and sugarsweet rush.. ran to my computer.. and started coding .. editing.. bits and bytes where flying around.. untill... It was time to start up for the first time.. there it was..
operator: The Dreammaster..
bbsname: The Dreams of Destiny...
In my childhoodfueled speedyness i made a typo or two in the word festini..
and i just kept it.. Had a wonderfull hobby for many years..
though.. nobody actually wanted to type : The Dreammaster of the Dreams of destiny..
It got shorter and shorter each few years.. untill the point where
the dreammer was left... and thats why dreammer has 2 m's in it.

that, and because my music tastes like Mmmmmm
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Re:What do your names mean ? 5 Years ago
mine says :

Noise &
Laceration from

it's also a type of medication and a superb track by the band 30-06
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Re:What do your names mean ? 5 Years ago
a a u
d k s
d e i
y s c
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Re:What do your names mean ? 5 Years ago
My pseudonym comes from letters of my real name and forename and playning wih pronunciations and from reflexions between I and I and the Ginkgobiloba Tree. It took meal ot of time to find it. I like the idea that you can really wonder from which place on the planet it could come from.
Typed it in google, I foud later this name used by a man in Brasil, but nothing yet.
I like pseudonyms.
As a mouth harp player, my name is Berimbau Jack (
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King Koopa
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Re:What do your names mean ? 5 Years ago
Mine are initials as well, bonus for simplicity. And it's amazing how few BBSes have "JES" taken.
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