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TOPIC: Re:Thinking of selling my OT...
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Re:Thinking of selling my OT... 6 Years, 2 Months ago
I won't sell mine, because one thing elektron is good at is updating. So my OT sits dust waiting for a day when it's not so awkward.

I think when people criticize the OT there is always a sense that others view that criticism as if the person is spoiled or can't deal with limitations of gear.

I can't get past a few things on the OT, as much as I love it, I am also disappointed at what it could be, but isn't. On the other hand I own an op1, which is also limited in a ton of ways. With the op1 however, I have only grown to love it more and more and it has seen over 8 months of constant use.

I think the difference is in the usability, the workflow.

The op1 is very limited in technique, but has a brilliant user interface and workflow that is intuitive. The OT is brilliant in technique but has a very limited user interface and workflow.

This leaves me feeling really frustrated when i look at the OT .... hardware designed so well and innovative, but software that feels like something from 25 years ago.

I remain hopefull that Elektron can turn things around.
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Re:Thinking of selling my OT... 6 Years, 2 Months ago
I have to agree about the OT being awkward.

I've been using hardware samplers since 1993 and this is by far the most awkward one I've ever worked with - that includes Yamaha samplers which I've always felt were extremely convoluted.

That said, something about the OT makes me want to keep it but whenever I sit down to actually use it, I find myself gritting my teeth with frustration - which is not indicative of a very intuitive workflow - at least imo
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Re:Thinking of selling my OT... 6 Years, 2 Months ago
Mine sat in my studio untouched for a while. I recenly got an Alesis midi pad. I was using it to practice drums without anoying my neibours. Eventuly I started hooking it up to random pices of gear and by far the OT was the most intresting. 8 pads 8 flex slots and whole heap of lfos and I'm using my OT more than ever.
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