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TOPIC: Elektron Users event - London
King Koopa
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Re:Elektron Users event - London 5 Years ago
He Data line Super sweet liveset !! just saw it great after first 5 min you really starts to freak out
you have this live set also as a download ? would be great to add it to my collection

general :
if you guys ever want to play or do a elektron event in the hague holland I have a free place klub 300 m2 hanger to do a event. great sets people !!!
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Re:Elektron Users event - London 5 Years ago
Glad you like it Tjebbe!!

It will be available as download, I am planning to set it up on Bandcamp...will see, I will place a link on this thread probably;

For elektron users event in Holland, I am up for anything mate, just name it!
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Hero of Winds
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Re:Elektron Users event - London 5 Years ago
I'd totally be up for helping out with another UK meeting/gig Toby - an all day event/performance would be amazing next time if we could find people to play, etc.
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