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Machinedrum SPS-1UW
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amen_mdhot! 01/26/2013  Hits: 3180
I found a great tutorial on YouTube on how to program an Amen break into Live... so I adapted it for the Machinedrum, using only instruments from the E12 drumkit. I imagine this could be a fun starter for an OT jam!
MDUW goes Granula!rehot! 09/20/2011  Hits: 4189

This is a recording from an experiment about MDUW performing granulation.

The original topic can be found here

Experiment about MDUW performing granulation.
First the original sample is played back. Then I play with speed, grain size, direction, jitter and pitch.

Fordetails about the technical stuff, feel free to try out the SysEx "MDUW goes granula!re" which in the SandBox download section of the forum.

Enjoy  :)


Buchla 200e MD sampleshot! 07/11/2010  Hits: 4098

 Some samples I created with the Buchla 200e, optimized to mono 22Khz .wav files for the Machinedrum.

 Free for non-commercial use.

stereo MM chewing MDUWhot! 01/14/2009  Hits: 5804
5:30 of the MD getting chewed up by the EH stereo memory man w'hazarai.
We Go Therehot! 12/14/2008  Hits: 4826
Warpish DnB track from the MDUW. Recorded straight out of main outs, no post-processing except a limiter.
years of silencehot! 12/11/2008  Hits: 4654


 This is my first music post here and also the first MD track i've recorded. 

I've had MD for a number of months now and I've been so inspired by some of the peeps and music around here that i've decided to stop editing music for a while and begin making some music.

 This track was recorded into logic in one pass.

 i used  voxengo max punch , urs channel strip pro and voxengo elephant to give it a little something extra.

 comments appreciated! thanks for the great community here.


MD_thru_Distressorhot! 11/29/2008  Hits: 4103
Alright guys and gals,

 I've had a lot of peeps ask me to make a demo of the MD through my front end (Great River -> Distressors).  In light of the recent conversations on Rockit's thread, I decided to upload something.  I've never done a demo, so bear with me.  It's probably not a perfect test, but hopefully it helps a little.

 -The first 8 bars are straight MD, no Distressor.  The second 8 bars are the MD through the Distressor.

 -In both instances, the MD is going through my Great River MP-2NV.  It is set with minimal input gain (in order to add as little color from it as possible), the output is set to 12 o'clock.

 Distressor Settings:

 - Ratio is at 10:1, so it's quite compressed.  This is an 'opto' setting.  I figured if I was gonna do this, I might as well really put the Distressor to use.

 - The detector is set to High Pass (cuts the low freq's to the detector, in order to avoid Low Freq modulation), and band emphasis, which makes the detector overreact to harsh mids (around 6k).

 - Dist 2 mode is on, which emphasizes the 2nd Harmonic.

 - Input is at 6 (getting about 9 dB of gain reduction), Output is at 6

 - Attack is set to 3, because the click on the BD was kind of annoying me, and release is set to 4.  The typical 'opto' setting is between 2-7, so 4 is a happy medium.

Imo, you can definitely hear where the Distressor is rolling off some of the harsh digital high mid's, particularly in the clap.  I also think it extends the bass (if that makes sense), it's just tighter.  I love the added harmonics and (this may be strange to some), but I like how it pulls up the noise a bit (think Burial or whatever).

There are so many different settings on the Distressors.  This is just one, of course.  But, like I said, if I was gonna do this, I wasn't gonna do subtle.  

I should also mention that I matched the amplitudes to a very close margin, although they might not be perfect.  Also, these are hitting around -6 dB, so you're gonna need to turn up those speakers.  I didn't wanna 'master' them, and possibly alter the raw results.

Cheers.  : )
beatforjsrockithot! 11/29/2008  Hits: 3536
Simple 2 bar MD loop recorded in mono through an Akai M8 reel to reel recorder into a great river mp2nv into and edirol ua101 into soundforge 9.
md time signature / clock multiplier examplehot! 11/08/2008  Hits: 4355

Quick, simple example of the MD time signature/multiplier feature.  None of this is rocket science, but there didn't seem to be an example of this yet, and I was messing around with it anyway...

i hooked up the md to slave  to another sequencer and then played a simple 4/4 beat, changing the MD's multiplier only.

1. The sequencer is playing a simple 4/4 pattern of 4 quarter notes on a separate tone module. Pitch is shifted up on the 4th quarter note to mark the end of the pattern.

2.  The sequencer kicks off the MD's pattern, which is a very simple 4/4 beat.  Again, pitch is changed via param lock on last snare hit to mark the last beat of the pattern.

3. MD and the other box are both played together with the MD's clock multiplier left at 1/1.

4. Both played together with the MD set to a 3/4 multiplier.

5. Both played together with the MD set to a 3/2 multiplier.

Swiv - Hiatus (remaster)hot! 08/03/2008  Hits: 3965
The original track was 96 kbps!!! qualiti .mp3 file so this is best i can do.
6 Fresh Beats from MDhot! 04/17/2008  Hits: 5006
Here is another 6 beats from MD in the same style as '13 Fresh Beats from MD'.
13 Fresh Beats from MDhot! 04/17/2008  Hits: 5798
Here is a collection of 13 beats created with MD-UW. All sounds are created with MD-UW, then recorded and manipulated with compressors, EQ-plugins, etc in computer environment. While these are not a clear recordings of MD output, they do cover a lot of different sounds what one can do with MD. Backgrounds are MnM.
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