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TOPIC: Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour
MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Hey Elektronauts.

I was asking in another thread whether there were any hardware synths performing granular synthesis as the Elektron User TOS suggested to use Elektron gear:
TOS wrote:
If you're after granular synthesis (i.e., creating a sonic cloud using very short sinewaves) you might as well use the Monomachine.
If you're after granulation (i.e., having a sample as your main source and you repeat short fragments of it), make a Machinedrum kit with plenty of Ram machines.

I had certainly not though about that and it's definitely worth the try. So…
I wrote:
I'm after one or the other. Anyway, using sine audiosamples should do granular basic synthesis from a "granulation" method.

Starting thinking…
Double resolution patterns.
CTRL-ALL for playback options.
Rapid random LFOs wired to START parameter for time dispersion -or jitter.
Possibly some extern MIDI control design for more convenient/relevant controls.
…there is one thing I'm not sure about: how to obtain a cloud starting from a step sequencer pattern. Maybe every RAMP track could use different SWING patterns and values, notvery handy yet.

Well, we'll see that.

I'm going to try some tricks with a MDUW to achieve that. Any interesting discovery will be put here and maybe one day I'll have the honnour to be referenced in a Tips&Trick document

If some MonoMachinist wants to give a try, I'd be glad to see a dedicated topic bloom next to this one.
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Cunning plan.

1 RAMR record and load or RAMP's, with a CTRAL sounds like a winning combination.. you could make one machine (RAMP) and then duplicate it 14 times, leaving you 1 machine for the CTRAL.

Interesting to see/hear how it pans out.

I've done the old lfo to the end parameter to make the sample shuffle back n forth trick.. using another lfo to control pitch it starts sounds granular.

Maybe you need to use less RAMP machines and more blank machines for the extra lfos?
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
The infinite loop trick, yes I sometimes got to some sort of granular sounding.

I'll first try what's possible with one RAMP in terms of modulation. Indeed other tracks can be useful for multiple LFOs per track. I think that the superslow LFO trick could be useful in case high tempi are the only solution to obtain dense clouds.

IPassenger, I know you tried the Tim's G2 patches dealing with granular stuff. Remember: most of the time, very good timestretching results were achieved with only 2 or 4 grains.
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Hammer Bro
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Definitely use many RAM-Px machines. Even use the same RAM-Px in different tracks, so that you can get interesting overlaps between the same sample, or to enhance the stereo image.

Use a CTR-8P to target specific key-parameters.

Don't add too many note triggers at first. Just add one trigger, and increase the RTRG parameter, so that the sound is sustained. Then start tweaking the STRT, END and apply LFOs to randomize things a bit.

Glue everything with reverb.
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
TOS, your piece of advice led to something nice.
With only one RAMPLAY, I could achieve some timestretching and random rearrangement of grains. This is not a cloud yet, but it gives some hope after the first 30 minutes of lame sound

I'm going to post some SYSEX and/or audio example but for now, here are some settings -obviously tempo dependant. However, only the RAMPLAY track (and the optional low-attack-LFO track) need to be triggered.

Track 2: just for LFO purpose; LFO is modulating Tr10 START parameter.
Shapes: RAMP DOWN and RAMP UP.
Update: Free
Speed: 1*
Depth: 64**
Mix: 127=normal pla, 0=reverse normal speed (if speed=1; else, plays faster)

Track 6: optional, just for LFO purpose; used to get a softer attack, LFO modulates Tr10 volume.

Track 10: RAM PLAY machine.
PITCH: to taste!
HOLD: enough to allow re-triggering.
START: 64**
END: 128
RETRIG TIME: to taste, determines the grain size*
LFO modulates START parameter with a random shape.
SPEED: 127 so that it's faster than RETRIG TIME
UPDATE: free
DEPTH:to taste*
MIX: full random

Track 14: CTRL-8P machine for control convenience
P1: Tr2 LFOM --> timestretch
P2: Tr2 LFOS --> speed factor for timestretch
P3: Tr10 LFOD --> time jitter
P4: Tr10 RTRIG TIME -->grain duration

* These parameters are referenced by the CTRL-8P machine.
** These values shall stay constant.
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
In the Sandbox, in the download section of the forum, you can find the MD Goes Granula!re SysEx.

An audio example is availalbe on my SoundCloud page or in the Audio MDUW download section under the same name.
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King Koopa
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Well done!
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Chain Chomp
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MD uw
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Hi Stiiiive!

1st of all: thank you very much for sharing! Love this effect =)

2nd---im not able to download the sysex: the page says it's not available at the moment because the file is being edited/updated.

Please, can you tell about updates?
ThankX alot again...and again and again.....!!!

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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
Should be ok now.
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Re:MDUW granular synthesis endeavour 12 Years, 2 Months ago
This is really cool, Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.
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